A Piece of Stamping Template, Leting Your Nails Say Goodbye to Loneliness

Hello, loves. How are you? Nice to see you again

Beautiful nails are always like the beating notes on your fingertips, and it could bring you different moods with different nail styles. After seeing so many amazing nail pictures, you also may cannot stop entering nail salon, then you would find you have spent much on your nails~

Today, I am going to share you a kind of cheap and high-quality nail treasure-nail stamping plates, which could make your nails keep beautiful all the time without entering the salon. Do you want to try? 

BORN PRETTY Round Stamping Plate Umbrella Dreamy Clouds Star Manicure Nail Art Image Plate BP-179, cute and creative images, think about painting them on your nails:)
BORN PRETTY Round Stamping Plate Elegant Swan Ballet Flower Manicure Nail Art Image Plate BP-180, ballet dancers benefit, share it to your friends who love ballet~
BORN PRETTY Stamping Template Constellation Divination Star Rectangle Nail Art Image Plate BP-L087, you cannot miss this constellation plates if you are a constellation lover. The price is $2.99, on sale for you!
BORN PRETTY Round Stamping Plate Unicorn Flamingo Ice Cream Manicure Nail Art Image Plate BP-164, unicorn element, just come on and join our unicorn fans family~

The usage steps have been shown below, follow me to learn how to use it if you are a green hand:)
Enjoying a series of stunning stamping plates, do you know that templates are connected with stamping nail polish? You could find so many cheap nail polish with high quality in our bornprettystore.

Have a nice try! Don’t forget to share us your nails then~ See you. 


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