Perfect Elegant Nail Designs for Autumn

Hello Pretties,
Hope you are doing well recently, today I want to share with you some of my favorite nail designs, I like simple and elegant style very much. And I think it's perfect for autumn, do you think so?
And if you are interested in today's topic, then just keep reading! ^^

1 Grey and Gold Maple leaf Nails.

Once nails for autumn was mentioned, maple leaves must be the most representative one, no one can resist it.

This design is based one the grey color, there is only one gold maple stamping leaf on nails. I like the color combination very much, very "autumn"

The blogger used BP-19 Stamping Plate

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2 Light Blue Feather Nails

Light Blue is a elegant color,and so is feather pattern.
Do you like it?
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3 Warm Red Floral Nails

Besides cool tone colors, warm red are also perfect for autumn, as the weather is becoming cold gradually,  red colors can bring you some warmness.
The flower pattern is unique.
The blogger used Stamping Plate BP-54
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4 Warm Nude Lace Nails

Nude color always represents elegance.
And I have to admit that nude colors work great with lace patterns.
I would like to call warm nude colors "Milktea"colors, because they are very similar haha
The blogger used Stamping Plate BPL008
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So much for today. Do you like this manicures?
If so, just feel free to leave a comment here.Hope you all enjoy my post!!

See you next time!


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