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Hello Sweeties! 
am so happy here to write products reviews again, but today the theme is a little bit different form usual,we are talking about make up stuffs.
Every girl wants to be beautiful, so I think lots of you are also into make up products very much, so no more unnecessary words, let's begin today's topic.

The first product is our BPS Matte Velvet Lip Stick

There are 10 shades all together, the blogger picked out 7 colors, they are 02 05 06 07 08 09 and 10.

Here is the HD photo of how the color and the quality are.

And lets's see how they look on lips!

02:a very lovey light pink

05: a beautiful orange red, these kind of colors are my favorite, to be honest ^^

06: a smoked rose color and a little bit purple shade, very sexy!

07: a beautiful rose color that every girl must have one lipstick in this shade.

08: it's very similar to the shade 07, but a little bit more pinky.

09: a gorgeous plum color, perfect for autumn and winter!

and about shade 10, although the blogger didn't try it on lips, but from the forth picture, we can come to the conclusion: it's also a good color for winter with warmer tone.
About the formula,I think it's semi-matte, it's not too matte which can dry your lips.

They are hot-sale products in our lip products, and if you want to buy them, you can have them for only $2.99 at over 50% discount!

CLICK HERE to check these gorgeous lipsticks.

The full post of this review HERE

The second review is also a hot-sale category among our make up products——false eyelashes

They are so lovely^^
You can use it to create a natural eye make up or party make up.

Full post of this blog HERE

That's all for today's blog!
I love to share my opinions on products and also hope to hear form you. This is the first time I write about make up, do you guys like make up parts?
Welcome you to comment below all the time!

Don't forget to use blog official code GPL91 to for saving 10% for your orders!

Thanks for reading patiently.
see you next time! : )


  1. Me encantan los labiales mate!! Un besito
    el blog de Sunika

  2. I love BPS Matte Velvet Lip Stick!! <3

  3. Fab lipstick shades.


  4. Liptick shade nr 6 gorgeous <3


  5. http://emc-mee.kinja.com/2017-1791210943


  6. http://emc-mee.kinja.com/1791211197


  7. http://emc-mee.kinja.com/1791212834


  8. http://emc-mee.kinja.com/1791213103


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