NEW Christmas Theme Stamping Plates!!

Hello Dears
We are already in the end of October, Christmas will come only after one month. In order to let you guys receive Christmas plates before Christmas, we have released our Christmas special edition stamping plates!^^
Today I'm gonna introduce them to you. 
So, Let's start:

There are 5 stamping plates all together, 3 rectangle ones and 2 round ones.

Rectangle Christmas Stamping Plate Harunouta L031

I love this one very much, it combines Christmas elements and other popular stamping elements( lace, flower, mandala) so well!
I think no one would regret buying it.

This one use gifts as its main elements, and other cute stuffs, which makes this stamping plate a very unique one!
I also highly recommend it.

Have you ever wore a sweater which is made by grandma?
Our designer get inspiration from sweaters in the winter. It's the warmest memory in one's life.
Come on and use sweater stamping patterns to decorate your nails!^^

It'a cute traditional Christmas theme stamping plates, but it's still a lovely one, isn't it?


This one has very beautiful winter patterns, there is a heart in the middle of the plate. Every girl would love this, yes, including me : )

If you would love to buy, just click the name and there is a link, you can buy it on our website!
Want to see more Christmas nail stuffs? Click HERE to check them! 

Today's blog post is a little bit short but hope you can still enjoy it! 

Don't forget to use blog official code GPL91 to for saving 10% for your orders!

Bye and see you next time!


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