ALL kinds of Halloween Theme Nail!

Hi Pretties
Halloween is right near us, of course we can not forget our nails, these days we received lots of reviews of Halloween nails, and I can't wait to share with you guys.
IF you are interested in these nail works, just keep reading!

Bloody Zombie Nails:
The most terrifying and shocking one, it's so real!!
The blogger did a good job and she used our White Peel Off Liquid Tape to paint and prevent nails.

Full post of this blog HERE

The following pictures are from instagram.

For the first haunted house mani, the blogger used our Nail Wraps
It is probably the easiest way to achieve Halloween nails this year!!

Link to IG HERE

The following two used our most classical Halloween Stamping Plate

 Link to IG HERE

 Link to IG HERE

For this creepy eyeball design, the blogger used our Skull eye theme Stamping Plate

Link to IG HERE

This HOLO ghost mani is very creative, I like it. ^^
The blogger used our HOLO glitter powder

Link to IG HERE

This is a Vampire Theme Nails, the color combo is really special.

Link to IG HERE

The last one is Pumpkin Nails!
The blogger used our Pumpkin Color Stamping Polish

Link to IG HERE

Okay, we are done, that's all for today's blog post.
Hope you all can enjoy reading my blogs and loving these gorgeous form bloggers!
I hope my blog can bring you some inspiration when you are creating your own Halloween nails.
Happy Halloween you guys!! Trick or treat?? ; P

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See you next time, byebye~


  1. Awesome nail designs! I like the one with Count Dracula vampire. ^_^ ♥

  2. Awesome nails for the holiday.

  3. This designs are so great. I wanted to do something special but didn't find anything. Interesting color. I would definately add some design on them. But I can do it right now. I wish to add some glitters on them ( like ).But your posts are cool anyway.

  4. Omg!! :O these nails are so amazing! :)


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