Which Nail Design Is Your Dream Nails?

Hello sweeties,
How are you doing these days?
As I usually do, today I will update some beautiful nail art pictures and reviews, maybe they can inspire you or they could  be a feast for our eyes.
So, Let's begin! : )

1 Alice in Wonderland Theme Nails

I have to say, this is nail design is a really cute one, it's a design full of pink glitters and patterns in an old fairy-tale books. There is no doubt it's eye-catching!
Here in this nails, the blogger used our Stamping Plate:

Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP-L021

Full post of this Blog HERE

2 Magic Watermarble Nails

Watermarble nails is really adorable, but sometimes we don't have time for doing a real watermarble nails because it's way too complicated. So having a watermarble theme stamping plate is sooo good.You can use this plate to do coffee nails or more colorful ones very easily.
In these following pictures, the blogger used Born Pretty Stamping Plate Harunouta L005

The hottest-sale plate is this series, would you like to try it?

Full post of this blog HERE

3 Blue Holo Butterfly Nails

The blogger use the stamping plate to create a butterfly decals, I was totally impressed by her skills and the beautiful final effects.

And here is the Youtube video tutorial for you, if you think it's beautiful, you could learn how to do it through the tutorial.
Here the blogger used  Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP74

Full post of this blog HERE

4 Glitter Green Based and Pink Cherry Blossom Nails

A easy but gorgeous nails, the green base works so well with the Peachblow stamping nails.

Here the blogger used Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP20
Born Pretty Stamping Polish in Peachblow

Full post of this blog HERE

Okay,That's all for today's blog, which nail design do you prefer? Leave whatever you want to say, opinions or suggestions in the comments below. I would love to read them : )

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  1. Beautiful ! My favorite is the first one :)

  2. Qué bonitas todas, sobre todo me ha encantado la de las mariposas. Un besito
    el blog de Sunika

    1. I like the first one best, and the second is the butterfly one : )

  3. Lovely nail designs! ♥ I like butterflies!

    1. Thank you! : ) I personally prefer the first one!

  4. Replies
    1. It seems lots of people like the first one! lol

  5. La primera y las mariposas ❤❤❤

  6. hermosas todas, la 2da de mariposas es demasiado linda

  7. sorry , la 1ra de mariposas, jjaaa


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