The First Nail Art Show of September ♬♪❤

Hi Dears!
September is coming which also means a new season and a new start, have you got your new nails to welcome September?
So, today I am gonna introduce you some nice nail art reviews and pictures, I hope they can bring you guys good mood and inspriations!

1 Red Rose Nails (using Flower Nail Wraps)

Most of women and girls love roses because they are the symbol of love,elegance and romance. 

Her nails is really stunning! I personally really love this kind of nail design. 
If you are a beginner of learning to use nail wraps, you also needn't worry about it, there are detailed instructions behind the cover paper, you can learn to use it very quickly! Why not try? ^^

Full post of this blog HERE

2 Green Mermaid Pattern Stamping Nails (Using BornPretty Stamping Polish and BP-L003 Stamping Plate)

This Stamping Mani is so beautiful, the high-quality stamping polish+classical stamping pattern, it seems that I should not say no more words to describe it.
But if you are addictted to nail art or stamping nail art, you should really try more our products! They won't let you down! XD

Full post of this blog HERE

3 Holographic Foil Nails (Using Holographic Nail Foils Sticker)

Do you want to be a girl like that ? :)

Full post of this blog HERE

4 Stripe Coconut Nails and Stamping Flowers Nails (Using 3D Coconut Palm Decorations and Rhinestones Pearl Flower Decoration)

For these two nail art works, these 3D decorations are the cream of the crop.
Nail decorations can turn boring nails works into cute, creative ones.Even if you so busy that you can't have too much for your nails, you can use just nail polishes and some decorations to do your beautiful nails.

Full post of this blog HERE

Click HERE to find more 3D Nail deocrations (low to $0.99!!)

That's all for today's Nail Art Show!
Do you like these nail works I selected for you? Which one do you like best? Or you can write anything you want to say in the comments below.
I really like to read your comments, your nice comments can make my day.
So welcome to comment!! : )

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See you, Bye!


  1. Different styles but all of them are beautiful :)

  2. Beautiful manicures :)


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