Amazing Jewelry and Stationary Reviews of September

Hello sweeties,
Good to see you guys again! : D
Today, apart from some cute jewelry reviews, I also want to show you something different, that is———Stationary!! 
September is the back to school month, so a here is a mini bornpretty stationary haul to show you.

Let't begin:

You can see how lovely and cool they are, perfect for any occasions and outfits, no matter what you are wearing, T-shirts or dresses, high-heels or sneakers. 

They all looks so good in photos, and actually, their quality are really great!lol
As decorations of hands, they are kind of vintage style, but this kind of vintage style suits everyone, it makes people elegant.

3 Holo Starry Moon Necklace (The first and third one in the picture below)
  Retro Trees Moon Necklace (The second one in the picture below)

They and stunning! So, lots of people are obsessed with these kind of moon necklace.

Maybe pictures can replace my words to express their charm. They really worth a try : )

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Beautiful watercolor effects and leaves patterns.
They are full feelings of autumn, right?
Few people still write letters or send post cards now, but who cares? We buy lots of things because they looks pretty, haha. They can be used as gift cards. : )

They looks good and works well.

I have to say that I like this wooden bookmark, it looks like something belong to my grandma. 
People read books to pursuit inner peace, and the little cute bookmark help people a lot.

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That's all for today's blog, are you satisfied with toady's blog? Do you have any favorite jewelry or stationary products? Or do you have anything want to tell me? We welcome all kinds of suggestions and opinions in the comments below : )

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See you in the next blog! :))


  1. The Moon Necklace is beautiful :)

  2. My favorite are Retro Elephant Ring Set & Vintage Hollow Wood Bookmark

  3. lovely earrings.

  4. I like very much the rings and the necklace! :D

  5. Me gusta todo, en especial los collares!!!


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