✿Reviews of Beautiful BornPretty Water Decals ✿

Hello guys
It's another new week. It's another Monday.
That's why we need to find some nice pictures to enjoy ourselves! lol
Today's theme is about water decals, you can use water decals to create colorful even stunning nails. ALL you need is a cup of water : )

If you are interested in today' theme, then just keep reading:

1 Bloomy Roses Nails
   Using #15709 Water decals

They are just so nice and elegant, bloomy Roses Patterns and nude series nail polish. 
which girl do not expect this kind of nail designs?

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2 Another Cute Floral Nails
   Using #20606 Water Decals

Although this is also a floral pattern nails, but this is obviously more cute than the last one which is roses patterns. This one include some daisies, sunflowers and chrysanthemums. Various patterns and vivid shapes make this water decal cute and lively. : )

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3 Aztec Patterns Nails
  Using  #30397  Water Decals

The bright color combinations and unique Aztec patterns can make people's day at their first sight looking at these water decals.
Yes, it does, at least it works on me. That's why i like it haha.

                           Full post of this blog HERE

4 Summer Paradise Nails
   Using #30399

These are really lovely patterns! 
Tropical flowers, sunglasses, bikini, nice fruit juice......it's really "Hawaii Style" 
Beaches, sea,sun loungers on the beach,it is a kind of life that we are all looking forward to.

Although summer almost passed away. But wearing this cute water decals which remind us of beautiful memories of summer is also a wonderful experience. 
Summer is still living in our hearts, right? 

                         Full post of this blog HERE

That's all for today's blog.
There are four different kinds of review of four water decals? Which is your love at the first sight? 
You can leave whatever you want to say, opinions or suggestions in the comments below. 
I think we can be friends! XD

Find me on Instagram: bornprettyreview to view more beautiful nail art and pictures or even communicate with me.❤

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See you, Bye!


  1. I love manicure #2. It's so delicate and lovely!

  2. The first one is beautiful !

  3. Unas manicuras preciosas, sobre todo me encanta la primera. Un besito
    el blog de Sunika

  4. Son bonitas todas 😍😍😍 como me gustaría tenerlos

  5. Son bonitas todas 😍😍😍 como me gustaría tenerlos

  6. Some lovely water nail decals they are.


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  11. WOW! I Love it...
    and i thing thats good for you >>

    HOW TO

    Thank you!


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