BORN PRETTY Easy Matte Nails with Only One Step

Hello dear. We know matte nails are popular since 2009, and now, it sometimes also becomes the hot topic among nail art. So you must own at least one matte nail polish as a real nail fan. Do you still love matte nails? And then you would love to know how to finish your matte nails with one step.

Look at the first one, just one regular stamping nail design, but when it is sealed with matte top coat, the nail style has changed to a cool type.

Compare to the two red pics, what a big difference between matte nails and polished nails, which one do you prefer?

Above cool three matte nails manicured by same one nail blogger @svetlanashak, all creative nail designs! Like the first one, it also could make you think of Games of Thrones?

The last one, black matte nails, and it is simple to do any design like that? How about painting some cool images?

All these amazing manicures could be changed into matte nails, you just need to apply matte top coat #3590 for nail polish and matte top gel #32016 for gel nails, one step to change a nail style.

Be a cool manicurist from matte nails! See you next time! 


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