All Beautiful Butterfly Stamping Nails You Can Do at Home

Hello dear. Wish you spent a very wonderful weekend. It is very nice to see you again. Do you have any other interesting nail idea recently? If not, let’s enjoy a roundup of butterfly nail stamping, welcome to share us your ideas about them.

Just one butterfly design on one finger, not too much, but enough to surprise you!

A different butterfly manicure with yellow and orange reverse stamping, bright color, is it your style?

The one I love, nice color together and looks lively, do you agree me? If you wanna keep longer, finish it with gel polish, if you like to change it after short time, regular nail polish is OK.

Perfect butterfly reverse stamping nail art, check this pic to get the detail steps, free to try other colors with this design.

Warm colored butterfly design, suitable for spring and pre-summer.

Cool and special butterfly, I thought she painted it. But actually, it is also the same stamping plate! Amazing effect.

Rainbow chic butterfly nail art, very beautiful design, you could do it at home. Wanna try?

All above manicures finished with one same product, butterfly stamping plate, many different butterfly patterns optional, select one and creative your unique nail art.

See you next time. 


  1. These are really pretty manicueres!

  2. Thank you for your support, our dear friend.

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