Best 7+ Chrome Glitter Nails Proves This is the Biggest Manicure Trend

Hello dear. Nice to see you again. Are you ready for next wave of chrome glitter nails? Here I am going to share you seven glitter nail ideas, it will definitely prove the biggest manicure trend is coming. Follow to enjoy below nail art designs.

First one, I will not describe how beautiful it is, we could see the strong holographic and chameleon effect from above picture. Enough to hold each situation, #41696 more colors optional from

Another color with the same product, which one do you want to try firstly?

Chameleon magnetic nail power it is, it would be perfect if you could use any kind of magnetic board or stick to get better cat eye effect. And I have to recommend you one magic magnet board to get any wave, leaf, stripe images. Sounds amazing, right?

We have to express our gratitude for @apolishedcolleen, who designed so many beautiful manicures (above four included) for viewers. Thank you so much again!

If you are always keep low-key, then consider trying this unicorn mirror powder? Stunning and make you satisfied as always. (Item code: #41266)

The same holographic powder, another nice color will be very great to match any colored clothes, how do you think?

Pure color with mirror effect, apply the powder until you get satisfied effect. Try it now? Three designs from @farbklexe, thank you for your sharing!

Now, are you also amazed by above collection of chrome glitter nails? Trust me, then wanna follow the nail trend to try some special manicures? Thanks for your support. See you next time! 


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