Unique Glitter Nails-Great Benefit for You Lovelies

Hi, dear. How is your weekdays? Hope you could take care of yourself even if you are so busy. Heart~ ♥♥

You may could take a look at our blog when you are off work and hope our nail art pictures would make you feel relaxed. As usually, it is time to share you some special nail art. And glitter nails is our today’s topic. How much do you know about glitter nails?

Can you believe that the three glitter nails pictures are designed by the same one kind of unicorn mermaid powder? Yes, I also did not believe that it is true:) But it is true. You just need to change the color of the base coat, then you will get different unicorn glitter nails. Sounds magic, right? You will know it after you have a nice try! #item code 39940 from bornprettystore.com. 

Now, how do you think of these two nail art? Chameleon glitter powder effect looks great, do you agree me? The nails will keep longer if you use the uv base coat, uv gel polish and no-wipe uv top coat before you brush the powder. Tips: Any kind of powder or sequins should be used with the three steps before using powder or sequins, amazing effect will make you surprised!!! Search item code 40147 from bornprettystore.com see more details~

Another unicorn neon nail art glitter nails is here now. This picture looks elegant and you cannot miss it if you are an absolute nail power fan. Get this neon unicorn mirror powder here and try once:)

The last one is the most attractive for all of you. Our Born Pretty peacock holographic power is our the newest and most popular nail powder, check this tutorial video and learn how to design your unique nails. Item code #40893, shop it now!!

Thank you for your support all the time~ My dear. See you next time. 


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