Elegant BORN PRETTY Nail Art Stickers Designs Just Needs $0.99

Hello dear. Happy Monday. Hope you have a wonderful mood to welcome a new week. ♥♥♥
This post will share you a collection of nail art stickers from our customers, and you could pay more attention to check if there is your nail art here! Let’s enjoy them now together:)

Look here, fresh and beautiful water decal nail art stickers, do you love this style? Simple usage with all water decal, why not try one? You could see more details with item code 40507 from bornprettystore, and design your own nail art, $0.99 if waiting for you. 

Could you believe that it is design by starry foil holo nail stickers? Actually, I mistook it as holo flakes art nails. Magic effect, let’s see more about this blue foil sticker here~

Another nail foil sticker, I can not believe my eyes that the nail art looks so elegant and creative, really art for beauty. And I think you also could design more beautiful nails ^◡^

Lovely nail art stickers are coming, simple beauty patterns, suitable for cozy life, how do you think of them? There are flowers, animals, funny element and so many other interesting images, if you are going to spend a comfortable holiday, then it is the best choice for you. Just need $0.99 with item code 40606. 

Another two rose flower nail art, but they have cool and unique images. Rose flower with different colors, all selected by yourself, just needs $0.99. If you love both flower nail art and nail sticker, then it is designed -tailed for you. Item code is 40678.

The last one is here with stamping nails effect, do you agree me? Special wave lines on the nails, really great ideas. You could try this one if you want to be looked cooler!! Search item code 33937 and shop it with $0.99 soon from our website.

Thank you very much for your support all the time. Please feel free to share your thoughts about our BORN PRETTY.

At last, I have to share you a great news that our BORN PRETTY 7th anniversary sale celebration from Oct.10th to 20th is coming soon, more sale details will be shown on Sep 25th in our website. Don’t miss this great opportunity~~

See you next time ◍•ᴗ•◍


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