BORN PRETTY Stunning Polish Nails Designed from Our Lovely Customers

Hello, our BORN PRETTY darlings. Happy Friday! How is your this weekday? Anyway, the weekend is coming, are you ready for your weekend plans? If not, how do you think about trying designing your nails?

Today, I am going to share you a collection of stunning polish nails reviewed by our customers. Follow me to see those wholesale nail polish designs and feel free to try one!!

Look at those mermaid nail polish reviews, how amazing they are!! Do you agree me? Which one color is your favorite? I love the blue one so much and it is also very suitable for coming autumn and summer. Wanna try the wholesale nail polish? Search 40312 from and you could see more choices there.

Dark green nail polish, a kind of fashionable color, best choice for your cold winter. It can be matched well with your cool coat. Do you also like this kind of green nail polish? The item code is #35982.

Our BORN PRETTY one of the most popular pumpkin long-lasting nail polish, which can surely make you hands look whiter ◍•ᴗ•◍Item code 40157, search wholesale nail polish from our website and you could enjoy more~

The color of the nail polish is darker than above nail design, right? If you always love dark colored wholesale nail polish, then it is your one and bring it home ♥♥♥♥

The two ones, beautiful nails with color changing nail polish, the effect will look different for different people. Would you like to know this product #25178 effect on your hands? Then why not try it?

Here is the last one, pink color changing nail polish. How do you think of this nail art? If you want to be looked younger and more enthusiastic, then try this one. Informal occasions with the nails are OK.

Now, it is done. Which nail art is your favorite? As for me, the mermaid nail polish is the one what I exactly love. You could see more wholesale nail polish and color changing nail polish in our website. Welcome to share your thoughts about them by comments. Thanks, dear.
See you next time!


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