Stunning Nail Foils Stickers For you !!!

Hello Lovelies,
How are you ? Hope all you're doing well !^^
Have you ever used nail foils for your manicures. Do you like them?
Today,I want to introduce some amazing & most popular nail foils to you.

The first one is the laser nail foils sitckers.There are 4 Patterns available.

The second one is the white glitter nail foils stickers. There are 8 Patterns available.

The third one is the galaxy nail foils stickers.There are 5 Patterns available.

The following one is the holo nail foils stickers.There are two patterns available.

The next one is the sparkling feather nail foils stickers.

The next one is the peacock feather nail foils stickers.

The next one is the colorful feather nail foils stickers.

The next one is the fish net nail foils stickers.

The last one is the sexy black lace nail foils stickers.

Are they amazing? Do you adore them ? All above nice nail foils are on sale now! 

If you'd like to get them,don't miss the great sale!^^

Hope you will enjoy this!

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  1. My fav nail foils: lace, leaves and peacock feathers. ♥ ^^

  2. The new nail foils looks awesome!

  3. WOW amazing!!!
    I love sparkling feather and sexy black lace!!!

    1. Thank you! I also love the sparkling feather one!!!^^

  4. glitters, holo y lace, todos son hermosos <3

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. They are amazing! I like sexy black lace nail foils stickers most of all. I wish I had those stickers to create my own nails beauty for my husband's birthday tomorrow...


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