Fantastic Nail Art New Arrivals Are Online!

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you're doing well.^^

We have numerous nail art new arrivals these days! It includes mirror nail polish, sweet color thermal nail polishes,nail foils and nail studs. They're really fantastic and cool.Hope you like them.

Then let's see some of them in details.

Stunning Mirror Nail Polish:

Sweet Color Thermal Nail Polishes:

Sweet Color Thermal Nail Polish Peachblow To Pink:

Sweet Color Thermal Nail Polish Red To Pink:

 Sweet Color Thermal Nail Polish Orange To Nude:

Sweet Color Thermal Nail Polish Purple To Red:

Sweet Color Thermal Nail Polish Dark Purple To Blue:

 Sweet Color Thermal Nail Polish Blue To Pink:

Sweet Color Thermal Nail Polish Dark Purple To Pink:

Dazzling Xmas Snowflake Nail Foils :

Gorgeous Floral Nail Foils:

Beautiful Arabesque Nail Foils:

Delicate Flowers Nail Foils:

Adorable Xmas Nail Chrams Wheel:

Golden Xmas Snowflake Bell Nail Studs Wheel:

Metal Anchor Mermaid Mustache Nail Studs Wheel:

Do you like any ones of them ? You can also click here to check more New Arrivals in our store. 

So much for today,hope you enjoy them.^^

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  1. Mirror nail polish is amazing! I need it.

  2. I want them all! ♥
    Amazing products as always! The mirror effect nail polish is so awesome!

  3. Hermoso todo <3 ,mirror efect love.

  4. The mirror nailpolish is amazing!

  5. I am very curious about the mirror effect nail polish!

  6. I would like to try them all, especially the studs look to my taste.

  7. The mirror nailpolish is wonderful!

  8. really nice products ! i hope i could order some of them .i love thermal nail polishes so much

  9. Me encanta el acabado metálico!

  10. the mirror polish looks amazing! and I love the delicate foil patterns too.
    always a big fan of thermo polishes too!

  11. OMG!!! I wanna try that mirror polish. Its soooo pretty. So excited to get my hands on it. By the way, love the studs too :)

  12. The Christmas nail art wheels are so much fun!

  13. Wonderful collection of nail paint shades you have shared here with us I really like the colors and the nail art you have posted.I really liked it. Keep updating more with us.

  14. Great products as always! The mirror effect nail polish is... wwwooowww!

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  16. Hello my name is Charlotte and I would love to do a review on some of your products. You asked my cousin to do a review and therefor I would love to do one myself. If you are interested please contact me on my blog PR Request page. I would be most grateful.



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