Newly Glitter Thermal Nail Polishes Are Online!

Hello Sweeties, 

I'd be happy to see you here again.^^

Have you ever tried thermal polishes for your manicures? Do you like the effect of them on your nails?  The colors can be turned out different effect with temperature change. I think it's very magical and I love them.

Recently, there are some new nice thermal polishes online, if you like thermal polishes, I think you will also love our new arrivals.^^

There are 12 colors for this stock, and the capacity for each bottle is 7.5ml.

Let's see the details of them in the following pictures.

 Thermal Nail Polish #1 :


 Thermal Nail Polish #3 :




Thermal Nail Polish #9 :

Thermal Nail Polish #12 :

What do you think about these thermal nail polishes ? Do you also like them?

All them are on sale now !!!

If you'd like to get them,don't miss the great sale!^^

Hope you will enjoy this!

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  1. I have other thermal polishes from your store and I love them :D It's great that you've introduced new colours ;) I think #4 will be perfect for autumn ♥

    1. Thank you for your nice words. I also love #4. Ha ha ha...

  2. El rosa y blanco es precioso!

  3. ·#4 is the prettiest, i think it has that vampy look perfect for auttum<!

  4. I love 9 and 10!!! Amazing!!!

  5. i have some thermo polishes, but i like #11 and 12

  6. I have never tried thermal polishes, but I'd like to. These looks awesome, love them all! <3

  7. Oh, wow! I love Thermal Nail Polish #5 the most!


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