Studs up!

Hello girls, everything is OK?

I'm excited to tell you that till now we have received more than 100 designs from our very first blog contest. It's really a fierce competition. : D 

Thanks a lot for every amazing entry and hope you guys would be lucky enough. There are only five days left to the end time, so if you are still preparing for some nail art designs, just hurry up and submit soon.

Let's return into our theme today.

It seems that recently stud has been an extreamly hot element in nail art designs, and the square studs has became the best hotsale products in our store. Here I want to share some designs using studs. Most designs come from our customers or several lovely girls who made some reviews about our items. : D

You can find various studs HERE in our store. Plus, remember to use the code JAYCEJ61 to get worldwide site 10% off discount.
        4mm Golden Square Studs 
                     Photos by Mandiesmanicures

                       Check out the detailed review HERE

The other design by Katrina from Katrina's Nail Blog 

                                      2mm Golden Square / Rould Studs
    Photos by Sammy from The Nailasaurus 
                                                   Check out the detailed review HERE



  1. So gorgeous.....placing my order soon...:)

    1. thank you so much, you can use the code JAYCEJ61 to get 10% off discount : )

    2. Hi placed my order just now...thanks for the code......lots of love from India....:)

  2. I have noticed that the variety of studs is getting bigger lately. Great! It would be awesome though, if you could even more shapes and sizes, esp. small ones =)

  3. Wow lovely, u have a nice blog:)


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