Some Nice Nail Art Designs Share!

Good afternoon everyone. It seems that recently so many girls went out for their summer vacation and hope your guys would have a great time. Besides with your summer fashion outfits, I believe you also need an eye-catching nail art design to highlight your summer looks. What's your favorite nail art element for summer? Candy nail polish, studs, glitter powder or some cute nail stickers? 

I collected some nice designs mostly made by our blog partners, here I'm excited to share with you.

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1. 12 Colors Dried Flower ( Photos by Sharon from Polishinfatuated)

I want to show you the first fabulous design which I really love personally! This dried flower set comes with 12 different kinds of flowers in various colors and you can make a sort of mix and match. Check it out HERE

 2. Glitters Powder ( Photos by Sammy from Nailasaurus)
Sammy tested some new arrival glitters powder from BPS this time. Her designs always simple but have her own special style. It seems that winning entry of our blog contest also used some glitters. You can find glitters in many patterns HERE.

3. Stamping! Stamping! 

                            Photos by Lesile from Polishartaddiction
                           Lotus Pattern Nail Art Stamp Template-m66

Photos by Katy from Nailedit

 Photos by Erin from Neverenoughnails

5.  Striping tape lines
  Photos by Amanda from Maniadeesmalte

Above are the designs I want to share with you this time, could you tell me which one you like best? If you want to see some designs using special elements you like or want to know something about our items, please feel free to leave a comment. See you next time.


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