Blog Contest Winner!

The vote for our very first nail art contest has ended today. It's highly appreciated for each valuable vote. Every entry and voter in this contest brought us grateful support!

Excited moment is coming up! Here I will announce the final winner generated from the 5 days vote.


No. 42 Valquíria      52 Vote-getting

It seems the there are so many girls like the nail art design from amonailartValquíria made the dotting design using some round studs or glitter stickers?  

Just as I promised, we also prepared a prize ( BPS free coupon worth $15) for the voters in this contest. The young lady from Pink N Purple who wrote the 38th comment in our last post is the final winner. You can find the screenshot below.

Plus, as this is the first time for us to host a contest, there must be some shortages and mistakes, hope you can understand and we will make better contests in the futures. We should admit that contest is absolutely a great way for our interaction. In that case, I promise that from now on we will host a blog contest each month. Please pay close attention to our blog and everyone has opportunity to get super prize for the winners.

Nice weekend!


  1. woww...awesome...congrats to the winner...and me the 15$ gift card winner....Thank u so much...;)

  2. Thank you, i'm very happy!

  3. Congrats!!!
    I love Valquiria's manicure idea!! I hope I can take part in the next contest ;-)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Great!Next contest will be in June : )Please pay close attention to our blog!

  4. BEAUTIFUL POST AND LOVELY BLOG! Would you like to follow each other?
    P.S. Wish you a lovely Sunday!


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