Lively Nail Designs for Spring Beauty

Hello dear. We just spent Chinese Spring Festival and came back to work. How are you these days? The weather gets warmer, are you ready for your spring nails? Here happy to share you a collection of lively manicures suitable for lively spring season.

Real leaf nail stamping shared by @bloggleidienecoutinho, popular pic on IG. Green color is really great for warm spring.

Creative glitter warble nails from @i_foxynails, she used a special way to finish her design, get the tutorial video on her page. Purple color for fashion beauty.

Sweet and colorful flower nail art stickers design from @justagirlandhernails, try this pattern to enrich your spring life. Item code : 40606.

The collection of holographic nail polish and flower stamping plates, few people could resist the temptation of holo effect, how about you? Designed by @yyulia_m.

Rainbow floral starry nail from @beautyaddictedd, one of my favorite manicurist. Try it when you are out and close to the flower natural.

Flower, plant, heart, star, unicorn, animal and so many other patterns on this plate, look at the cactus, try it if it is your favorite plant. Item code #41928 to get more surprises.

All lively and beautiful nail design, which one do you prefer? Welcome to share us your thoughts about them, and try them for yourself!


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    1. Thank you so much for your support all the time :)

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