5 Revolutionary Foods for Growing Stronger and Healthier Nails

Are you thinking about artificial nails? These days many women opt for spending 2 – 3 hours in the salon every month simply because they don’t know to grow strong nails naturally.

Strong nails are a reality for everyone as long as you know the right approach. Why spend time and money to wear pieces of foreign matter on your hands if you can copy trendy nail design ideas on your own beautiful nails?

Already on a diet?  Adding tasty revolutionary foods to your daily ration won’t affect your weight. They can improve the way you look and feel while strengthening your nails.

Why Do You Have Brittle Nails?
In many cases, women have brittle nails because of the exposure to nail polish removers and household chemicals, such as detergents. But what if you don’t use the remover and wear gloves when cleaning your home? The reason for brittle nails probably hides inside a vitamin deficiency.

· Iron Deficiency – this is the most common vitamin deficiency in the world. Besides fatigue, stomach pain, and low body temperature, it causes brittle nails.
· Zinc Deficiency – zinc deficiency is rare but it still happens occasionally. It leads to slow cell division, frequent colds, and splitting nails. If you see white spots on your nails, it probably means you need to add more zinc to your diet.
· Vitamin A Deficiency – this vitamin is vital to maintaining your immune system and keeping your skin looking good. The vitamin A deficiency can cause pale skin, energy loss, and brittle nails.

The above deficiencies are the most common reasons for brittle and splitting nails. However, Vitamin B-12, C, B-7 (biotin), and D deficiencies can also lead to nail problems. If your nails are becoming brittle due to a vitamin deficiency, the below five revolutionary foods can save the day.

1. Beans
The variety of beans you can find in the stores today is impressive. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes to suit even the pickiest dieting customer. Besides being tasty and easy to cook, they contain the vitamins your nails need so desperately. Regular bean consumption brings you iron, zinc, and biotin.
Other benefits of eating beans:
· They can help you lose weight
· They are great for people suffering from diabetes
· They can lower cholesterol
· They reduce the risk of cancer
· They can prevent heart disease

2. Eggs
Eggs are packed with protein that helps your nailbed grow stronger. If you are a fan or artificial nails or Shellac, your nailbed has probably become thin and brittle under the synthetic materials. Adding eggs to your diet can help you get rid of these unfortunate consequences and start enjoying your natural nails. Besides, eggs contain plenty of iron, zinc, biotin, Vitamin A, and Vitamins D3 that can keep your nails from becoming brittle. Biotin is located in the yolk. So if you are not a big fan of egg whites, you can skip them.
Other benefits eggs can offer your body:
· They can increase good cholesterol levels.
· They can improve your immune system and metabolism.
· They can help you lose weight (sounds surprising, huh? They can! Eating eggs for breakfast can control your calorie intake during the day).
· They can prevent breast cancer.
· They can help prevent cataracts.

3.  Oatmeal
What’s the healthiest food on the planet? Of course, it’s oatmeal! The benefits of this super food are so numerous; it will take hours to list them. Let’s take a look at a few. Oatmeal contains, Vitamins B, calcium, iron, and zinc, which you need to improve your nails. Always soak the oats before eating, otherwise, the absorption of healthy elements is minimal. And BORN PRETTY cuticle oil also includes Vitamins B, the ingredient of cuticle oil imported from United States.
Here are a few surprising benefits of oatmeal:
· Oats can relieve itching from insect bites, poison ivy, and chicken pox.
· Oats can slow down hair loss.
· Oats can prevent and treat diabetes.
· Oats can treat fatigue.
· Oats can help prevent cancer.

4. Spinach
Just like oatmeal, the benefits of spinach have been praised for centuries. Besides being a wonderful source of plant-based protein, spinach offers us iron, vitamin E, and calcium to improve the nail health and forget about brittleness and splitting. It also prevents Vitamin A deficiencies. Some people can’t stand the taste of spinach. If you are one of them, add it to salads and meat dishes.
Other amazing benefits of spinach:
· It can improve eyesight and prevent cataracts.
· It can maintain proper blood pressure.
· It can strengthen muscles (remember Popeye?).
· It increases metabolism.
· It can prevent gastric ulcer.

5. Chicken
If you are already on a diet, you know everything there is to know about chicken breast. If you have brittle nails, it’s time to add some more chicken to your daily menu. Chicken contains zinc, Vitamin B, and protein. It can strengthen your nailbed and keep your nails from splitting.
Other benefits of eating chicken every day:
· It can enhance your mood.
· It can improve your sleep.
· It can fight against bone loss.
· It can prevent heart disease.
· It supports healthy teeth.

If you manage to fit all these five wonderful foods in your daily ration, you are bound to see the difference in your nail health in just a few weeks.

Tips, when you achieve your goal, keep using cuticle oil to let your nails stay stronger and healthier.


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