My Routine Nail Care , How about You?

Hello, dears. Happy Wednesday! Hope this blog about how to care your nails could help you.

Many people’s nails are yellow and dull, actually, it is a signal that you should take care of your nails. Whether you have manicure or not, nail care could not be ignored. Next, the following nail tips will share you how to help your nail care including the yellow nails problems.

For my routine nail care, three nail products are necessary, they are: lemon hand cream, cuticle oil and nail file.

Cuticle Oil
Many nail manicurists would skip the cuticle oil care steps, the result will let you feel sorry if you often do some different manicures and remove them again and again. It is indispensable to apply it after each manicure and each manicure removal. And just keep remember, still be consistent to use it even if you don’t have any nail art. Massage the cuticle softly for 2 minutes will be more effective to help it absorb quickly!

Nail File
It is hard to say which kind of nail file is the best one to buy. You have to choose a nail file according to how will you use it and the nail hardness. So it’s important to figure out your nails’ type. Shape your nails with a mill file, and polish the nail surface with thin and fine nail file or buffer. Simple steps, but useless if you select the wrong products.

Lemon Hand Cream
Here I would not recommend a brand I used, just an ordinary hand cream full of vitamin C. You know that vitamin C is very great for nail even our body. I usually use the lemon hand cream at least twice everyday and you will be surprised that I have many hand creams around me if you know me, then when I forget to use it and I can see it available everywhere! Thin hand cream will be applied in hot day. You may assume that it is mainly useful for hands not for nails, yes, it is right in a way. But the effect will be obvious if you continue to massage the hand cream around your nails.

Nail tips:
1. Be consistent to use the cuticle oil and the hand cream, massage your nails when you apply them. Routine cuticle oil may take lots of time to show the result, but you will be astonished to see the nice effect after long-time good habit keeping, so be patient.
2. Don’t pull the pulling agnail with your finger, just cut it with clippers directly.
3. Apply the nail file when your hair has static electricity.
4. Don’t peel of your polish nails with hands, it is really harmful for your nails. Try to avoid this bad habit.
5. Try not to use your nails when you open the doors, click the keyboard, and do so many other things which would be harmful for your nails.
6. Disinfect the nail tools especially the common care tools in some salon.

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And just keep your nails in good condition, it will make you feel more confident. My nail care routines and nail care shared with you, could you share me how do you protect your nails? If you have any other questions, I will try my nest to help you. See you next time. 


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