Magic Holo Nails, Definitely Surprise you!

Hello dears. Have you got any satisfied products with big sale price on this Black Friday? If not, don’t upset, today, I am going to share you a collection of holographic polish nails. Trust me, you might not take off your nails on them just like me. Hope you are gonna love it~

Shine In The Dark- holo glitter nails with dark colors, no doubt that it is a great choice for winter, best match for cool coat. 

Magic Rainbow- light nails choice, but no shortage highlights, painting your nails like it with the relaxed mood to spend your happy day.

Temptation Wait- are you fascinated by it as its name? Just wait and check and try the romantic deep purple nail polish.

Magnificent Time- Spend five minutes to make your time become magnificent, just need to use this kind of holo polish.

Dreams Girl- Dreamlike but low-key color, why not choose this one if you are always be hopeful for everything.

Fly In The Sky- The color is close to the sky, great benefit for the beautiful sky fans, let your fingers become one part with the sky.

Ocean Kingdom- Don’t miss this kind of super shine nails if you wanna be a focus at the party, absolutely push you to a more stunning level.

All Embracing- pure green holographic nail polish, the top 1 recommendation for you, just need one bottle of polish to show your extraordinary temperament.

Together Forever-this nice name could make you think of your girl friends, apply the same polish and be girlfriends forever. Buy one for her?

Heart of Gold- the color of victory, share you much more confidence when in trouble, let it give you hope and energy for the schoolwork, for the job, for the life.

We have to express our much gratitude for all the amazing nail designs sharing, all for IG @laublm, BORN PRETTY bloggers. Thank you for your generous sharing. I love it all!

Is there any one kind of nail polish do you want to try? Welcome to share us your favorite holo colors in the comment. Expecting your unique nail art.

See you next time! 


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