BornPrettyStore Hanunouta Stamping Plates online and hottest silicone sponge!!!

Hello dears,
I feels like I didn't write a blog for such a long time.Fortunately,this time I bring you some good news.
Our Hanunouta Series NEW stamping plates online now and they are really hot sale!!
How about introducing some of them? Because I really wanted to share with you guys some beautiful things.

This time we have 10 new stamping plates and today I picked out 6 of them to write in my blog.

First, I want to put these two together, because they belong to one theme—skull rose. Sooo stunning, I love them very much, cool, punk and charming, kind of like gun and rose. I highly recommend these 2 to you guys!!

Rectangle one: Harunouta-L035  click to check it on BPS~
Round one:Harunouta-28  click to check it on BPS~

And then these 2 are following, they are both plants theme.

The first one is more likely to be greenery, it's a little cute plant shop, it gives me a kind of fresh feeling! Love this.

The second one all kinds of flowers, flower theme is always really hot, after the Christmas, the spring of 2017 is about to come, how about bring yourself a bunch of flowers or a some flower nails?

The first one: Harunouta-L036 click to check it on BPS~
The second one: Harunouta-L034 click to check it on BPS~

The following 2 are very girly.
Some ribbons, some bow-knots,classical lolita style!
The second one is jewelry shop theme, shinning and vintage, which girl do not like jewelry??

Valentine's day is coming, let you nails bring you some sweetness!

Round one: Harunouta-32 click to check it on BPS~
Rectangle one: Harunouta-L037 click to check it on BPS~

Annnnd, are you guys hearing about applying your foundation with the silicone sponge?? 
Lots of youtubers are talking about that,it can save the amount of using foundation and it easy to clean of course it can apply  foundation beautifully.
BornPretty now has a new silicone sponge online now! I tried it myself and I promise it's really good to use!
Click HERE to shop!

We have our new bornpretty makeup and beauty Instgram account, it's bornprettycosmetics.
We now have a silicone sponge giveaway, if you would love to try your luck, click HERE to follow and enjoy the the world of beauty! 

That's all I want to write today! 
Thanks for who can read this blog to the end. xx

See you guys next time! ^^


  1. cool stamps

  2. Beautiful plates! My fav are Harunouta-L035, Harunouta-L032 and Harunouta-32! <3


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