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Hello dears,
Christmas is around the corner, you guys must have watched lots of pictures about Christmas nails, so, today I am not gonna show you Christamas nails! I picked up some other beautiful reviews for you, maybe they could give you inspirations! 

Mandara Floral Nails

The plate seems to have really complicated patterns, but you know, it turns out very well on nails.

Check This Stamping Plate click HERE  ☺

Simple Geometric Nails

This plate, this pattern, everyone likes it!!
Have you got yours?

Check this plate click HERE  ☺

Exotic Pattern Nails

Wild and beautiful~💙

Check this plate click HERE  ☺

Waving Floral Nails

I like this one very much, because it seems so soft and charming! lol 

Check this Plate click HERE  ☺

Okay, that's all for today's blog post.
If you want to buy one, don't hesitate! ^^ And we also have new 4 stamping plates! Cute panda, and Valentine's day theme! 
Clik HERE to find more new arrivals!

And don't forget to enter our Christmas Nail Art Contest, maybe you will win these big prizes!

See you next time!❤


  1. The first stamping plate is beautiful !

  2. Beautiful! I like all the nail designs! ♥ ^_^

  3. awesome nails.


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