BornPretty Store Black Friday Mega Deals and 0.01 Seckill!

Hello dears,
25th,Nov. is the Black Friday, we prepare lots of great deals for you, the prices must be the lowest ever! So don't miss it!! 
Today I will give you a brief introduction of this Black Friday Sale. If you are interested in it, just keep reading!

First, is Coupon, we offer 2 kinds of coupon, you could pay $3.99 to get a $12 coupon,pay $9.99 to get a $30 coupon!

Before 25th, Nov. You could buy coupon, and on 25th that day, you can not purchase it.
Click HERE to get your coupon! 

Second is our Top Products sale, we select some most popular products, price low to $0.79!

The third is our stamping plates sale party! Any 12 round or square ones for $13.99, any 8 rectangle ones for only $18.99! We have lots of beautiful new arrival plates for purchasing
It's a great chance to take them home!

And the exciting Black Friday seckill is also waiting for you!

We have the first round at 9:00am 25th.Nov and second round at 9:00pm 25th Nov.
Each round we have six products.
The details are as followed, the seckill count page will release later, please pay attention to our blog and Instagram to get it.

Apart form these activities, we also have some amazing sales, for an example: ALL polishes 50%off, all water decals 50%off and so on.....

ALL these details will be sent through our newsletter, have you subscribed our newsletter, a lots of discounts and sales!
that's all for today's blog and hope you enjoy it : )

See you next time, bye!


  1. I can't wait :) I'm counting down to friday :)

  2. Amazing! I can hardly wait for friday! :D

  3. Great post!!Thanks for sharing it with us....really needed..Just like many of you, we were sick and tired of trying to find the best possible prices by looking all over the internet. Why waste all that time and energy, and especially when sometimes you end up with expired or invalid coupons? We knew there had to be a better way.
    Black Friday Deals


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