BORNPRETTY 春の歌 16 NEW Stamping Plates Online Now!!

Hello Dears
This time, we have more new stamping plates for your! There are 16 Stamping Plate in together, 11 rectangle ones and 5 round ones.

Today I will pick out some hot-sale ones to introduce to you. Hope you will enjoy them!

1 Ladies' Dress Room Pattern Harunouta L027

Sooo cute and unique design,all kinds of clothes attract your attention instantly. This one is good to use and also for collection!

Lots of animal and plants patterns, delicate and lovely. If you are a animal lover or a nature lover, you must have one!

It's a paradise for dessert lover and sweet-tooth ladies! So many cakes!! Looks so yummy, wanna try it? 

Russian doll pattern plates are always popular, this plate is prefect for winter,too!

5 Mermaid in the Sea Pattern Harunouta-21 

Beautiful Mermaid and sea creatures and Poseidon is also on the plate! 

As its name, this plate has fairy and soft patterns, it's easy to use it to do elegant and chic nails : )

If you want to buy them, just click their name and there will be a link leading to the BPS page : )

These 6 stamping plates are only part of them, I have a brief description on each of them. Seeing them, you may have more want to say, so welcome to comment below to say whatever you want to say!

Find more new stamping plates please click HERE, Don't forget to use our blog code GPL91 to get 10% off discount!

See you next time! Bye~


  1. Russian dolls plate is so pretty! Great for all winter holidays. Thank you for this beauty :)

  2. I love Harunouta L019 :)

  3. Love the holidays season design. I loved the cake shop pattern.


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