Surprised Stamping Plates & Stamper Sale !!!

Hi Lovelies,
Great news for you! 
50% Off for all stamping plates in our store now !!! 
No matter for BP,QA,Qgirl or Y series,you can get all them 50% Off ! Low to $0.99 !

Also New Big Professional Marshmallow Round Stamper is online ! (3.5cm in Diameter)
Only $2.99 for it! Two Colors are available.

New rectangular stamper & refill head set is very popular in our store now. (2.6cm in length and 1.6cm in width)
Only $3.99 for each set!
Each Set includes 1Pc stamp holder & 5Pcs Refill Head!!!

Also you may need the lovely 24 Slots round plate organizer.It can hold 24Pcs stamping plates.Two colors available.Only $1.99 for it.

Furthermore, a practical & useful rectangular organizer for all your rectangular stamping plates! This can hold 20Pcs rectangular stamping plates.
Only $5.99 for just two days !

Do you like them ? If so, don't miss the amazing sales in our store. All above sales will just last for two days (Ends on 30th July).Hurry up !^^

Use code GPL91 to enjoy 10% Off for all original priced items.
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  1. Why is the Big Professional Marshmallow Round Stamper 4.59 instead of 2.99 as posted here? It's been nearly 30 minutes after your post and the price got high?

    1. As there are so many guys buy the stamper, the products are limited and may sell out any time,prices are subject to change. Hope you can understand.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks ! If you need any ones, don't hesitate.^^

  3. thanks for sales! i have ordered 4 plates !


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