Hot Sell Nail Art New Arrivals !!!

Hello Beauties,
Hope all you're doing well !   

There are large number of nail art new arrivals in our store recent days, then I would like to introduce some of the most popular ones for you. It contains some cute sweet color polishes, color changing polishes, galaxy chameleon polishes and 3D Charms. Of course the new stamping polishes, stamper and stamper heads are musthave ones for stamping lovers.

Now, just follow me to see some of them in details. Hope you like them.

First one is the large stamper set, 6cm in length & 4cm in width. It includes one stamper and two scrapers. Special offer for your wide or long nails. You can surly use it to stamp patterns for your full nails.^^

The second one is the fresh colored stamping polish. There are 10 new colors for this stock. Also it has larger campacity of 18ml for each bottle. They really work perfectly.
The following one is the soft round stamper head. You can replace the heads for your round stampers. Approx.3cm in diameter. 
The next one is the rectangular refill stamper head (2.8cm*1.8cm). Seven Colors are available.
The coming is the stunning galaxy chameleon polish. There are 6 colors are available. Each bottle has capacity of 6ml.
The next is the magic color changing polish. There are 8 colors are available.
Let's see the cute candy colored polish. Four Bottles for each set. Great choose for summer manicures.^^
Delicate Pearl 3D Charms. You can surly pick up the patterns you like.
Awesome mermaid & sea horse charms. Your summer manis need one of these, right?

Rhinestoned crown nail ring. How pretty !

 Mini Star 3D Charms. There 4 different patterns for this.
Lovely Foral Nails Studs. Nice decoration for your nails.
They're so nice and amazing, right? Click here to see more nail decoration :

If you like them, just order them now.

Use code GPL91 to enjoy 10% Off for all original priced items.

Enjoy your  weekend.^^
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  1. Todo me encanta, Gracias por la información. Amazing news!! Thank you.

  2. Ahhh son mas grandes estes carimbos... necesitooo ! Jjejeje.

    Besote y buen sabado a todos !

    | O Blog Que Não é Blog |

  3. love seeing all your new items.

  4. I love that rectangular stamper!!
    El blog de Sunika

  5. i have ordered new stamper, the big one, and i must have thermo nail polish ! they are adorable, really !

  6. I love the magic color changing polish!!!


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