Vote For BORNPRETTY® Stamping Plates, Win Whole Set Plates!

Hey Pretties,

An excited news for you!
The next new stock of the BORNPRETTY® Stamping Plates patterns are designed, there are 14 patterns are available. Do you like them?
Please vote which ones do you like best.
Only vote here is valid:

We will produce the most welcomed patterns of them.^^

When the vote is over, we will pick up 5 Lucky Winners from the all participants and they can get a whole set new plates (10 Pcs) for prize.

So just hurry up to join us, good luck!^^ 

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  1. I saw this post AFTER I voted, and I didn't know only one vote is valid (it doesn't say on the site). I liked all of them so I voted for all :/

  2. Gorgeous design, my favorite is plate 28 <3

  3. OMG... more plates? :p
    Amazing patterns :D

  4. They are all beautiful, it is a pity you will not make them all. I voted for the one I liked the most.

  5. i did it ! here is another series of amazing designs!

  6. They are amazing. Great job. I have voted for my favourites :)

  7. Wow, they are all gorgeous! But my favorite is definitely 26. I voted! =^.^=

  8. Wow! They are super gorgeous! I have voted.

  9. These are brilliant nails. I love them and voted

  10. It is difficult to decide on one plate <3


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