BORNPRETTY® Stamping Plates is Online Now! All 20% Off For Only 24 hours!

Hi Beauties,

BORNPRETTY® Series Stamping Plates is Online Now!

All of them are 20% Off in 24 hours! Then they will go back to the original price.

Do you like them ? If so, don't hesitate.
Just hurry up to pick them up.

You can find them in the following link:

Also  if you buy more than 3Pcs BORNPRETTY® stamping plates,  you can get one extra stamping plate for free (randomly picked out from all stamping plates from BPS);
 If you buy more than 8Pcs BORNPRETTY® stamping plates, you can get one set of stamping kit for free.

You can get more details in following link:

There are 10 fancy patterns for the first stock. We can see the detailed patterns in the following pictures. Hope you will like them.^^

If you miss the first  24 hours to order them, you can also use the code  GPL91 at checkout, then you can get 10% off discount.

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Use code  GPL91 at checkout can get 10% discount !



  1. I just recently learned about nail stamping myself. I know right, where the hell have I been?! I'll be getting some soon hopefully.

  2. Done, I ordered: 10pcs BORN PRETTY 01 - 10 Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plates :D

  3. I've missed this sale too... I love the plates! Especially the one with an owl...






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