Recommended Nail Art Products for Weekend

Hi Beauties ! Happy weekend ! What are you plan to do this weekend ? Go out side or stay at home ? Do you make nail art this week ? Maybe you can do a nice designs for your nails . Todays , i choose those kinds nail art products to you . I like those products very much ! Those are the nail art products i recommended for you now . Hope you will like them too . 

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This nail art product is be recommended by Diana Livesay   Thank you very much ! As Diana said that this nail art product is really very great for nail art design . It can mostly add indie polishes. It's very popular in japan in taiwan right now .            

                               1mm-2mm Mixed Mini Round Thin Paillette Nail Art Glitter  
 DIY it now ! 

You can find more different glitters here :

Use them make your custom nail polish .

Shimmer Bases: Choose clear and mix up to 3 shades to create a unique shade just for you! Or choose from a tinted color to really emphasize your shade.
Glitter Bases: Choose clear and make a glitter topper to brush over any polish. Or choose from a tinted color to add an extra dimension to your polish.

You can find more kins like this nail art products here :

 And those water decals , Hope you like them ! 

Cute Deer Snow Leaf Pattern Nail Art Water Decals

Wavy Stripe Floral Pattern Nail Art Water Decals

Bowknot Leaf Rose Pattern Nail Art Water Decals

Red Series Rose Nail Art Water Decals

Do you like those nail art decoration wheels  ?  

Find them here :

Come on !!!

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items for our customers, if you have some good suggestions and recommendation, 
we will be highly appreciated.   : )
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