New Arrival - Floral Pattern Nail Water Decals !

New Floral Pattern Nail Water Decals Transfer Stickers arrive now .
Find them here :
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Do you like them  ? 
Come on !!!

Plus, we always are searching for new products and want to offer the most popular 
items for our customers, if you have some good suggestions and recommendation, 
we will be highly appreciated.   : ) 

Give mw email now .  My email box :  !

Give me the product pictures or web link for the nail art products you hope our store have . We will choose 10 suggestions which is best  . Then you can get about 3 nail art products for free . Of course the nail art products are our hot sale products . So , let me know your suggestion  . This activities will continue for a long time .


  1. i would love if you guys could put matte circle glitter in your store. i think it would be a hit in sales since it's hard to find. i personally find it very hard and mostly only in indie polishes. it's very popular in japan in taiwan right now . you only have white one and i adore it

    more suggestions:

    holographic fine glitter

    mixed glitters

    the options for mixed glitters are endless


    1. Thank you dear . Your suggestion is great
      For those 2 kind silver glitter , we have the similar product here :
      You can find our other colors glitter here :
      We will try our best to find those products now . They are really great !
      Thank you very much ! You can test our nail art products . I will contact with you soon . =)

  2. These are really cute! I especially like H050 roses and the pretty, gold H058!

  3. Hi dear,
    My suggestion is holographic studs. These kind of accessories are so pretty and really rare to find. Just look at them, so adorable! -
    They are made in all shapes and sizes so I think everyone could find perfect one for themselves -
    I can't wait to use some of them in my nail art designs and I hope that soon it will be avaliable in your store :)

    1. And I almost forgote - I saw triangular plastic nail art stud plates in kits (, but I couldn't find them separately. It would be really great if you could sell them without kits too. They are also hard to find and I think that many po polishaholics like me will love to buy something which will make applying studs and rhinestones much easier :)

    2. Hi dear
      Thank you for your suggestion , we have triangular plastic be sold for separately , you can find here , there have some choices , you can choose the triangular plastic only ,

    3. Thank you, I didn't saw that one :) I have another idea for you to get new item but I don't know if it is possible to realise.
      I saw special paper to print water decals by ourselves. It's quite expensive becase it's hard to find just one sheet and people have to buy it in big packs. If one person would like to order it, it will cost even $25. It would be great for you to start selling in smaller (and cheaper packages). Just imagine how awesome it would be to create water decals designs by ourselves :) I hope you can make it come true. I'm sure that many people would love to buy it.
      I found it on google ("water transfer paper", "water slide decal paper").

    4. It is a good idea ! Thank you dear . We will try if we can sell this kind paper , Hope it will online soon . =)

    5. Wow, that's great! Than you :)


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