The Fashional Cap Winners !

Hi girls ! I am glad to announce here about the winners in this activity   "  Do You Want To Have Those Fashional Caps For Free ?

We  promised that we will choose 10 lucky in this activity . But , it is so pity that there only have 4 readers join here . So , in the end , we  decide to set only 4 prizes in this activity . So those are the 4  participants .  Thank you so much !

They all will receive a fashional cap in our store . And of course can choose as they like . Congratulations !

 Bisma Rauf



 Candace Miranda Prescott

I will contact the winners soon . Thank you again !  And our " Happy Summer  Nail Art Contest "   will end in the September 10,2013   . Don't miss this great  activity  again . We will post many nice activities here in the future . And we will set many great prizes here . So ,  pay close attention to our blog news . You will be the winner soon ! 


  1. Replies
    1. Yes , thank you for your participation .I will contact you soon .=)

  2. Congratulations to them!!!
    I didn't know about this :(
    I have to pay attention the next time!! :D

    1. Yes ,dear . We will hold this kind activities in the future . Pay attention to us . Don't miss it next time !

  3. Thank you dear . Do you want to join it next time ?

  4. unfortunately so many people miss this interesting event but I was lucky to follow this event, aaahhh soooo happy :)

    1. Yes , you are very lucky ! Thank you for your participation . Have a check for your email now . You know my meaning .haha...

  5. I have changed my selection.

    Can I get this one instead. (23#)

  6. Congratulations ! I have gave you the email just now . Have a check for your email box now .=)


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