Amazing effection on this Colour Changing Soak Off Gel !

Hey lovers!
Here , Winnie test our Colour Changing Soak Off Gel ,and gave this nice review . Have a scan for this amazing effection on this Colour Changing Soak Off Gel ! Hope you like this kind UVgel too ! As Winnie said , if you haven't heard about Born Pretty, you're in for quite a treat! haha ... i think so , after scan the amazing change on this gel !
They were nice enough to provide this magical pot of gel for review and so excited to share it with you!

Magic Color Changing Mood Soak Off Gel Builder UV Gel Nail Art

This is a colour changing "soak off" gel, so you would require a UV lamp for this. A gradient effect is more likely to show if you have longer nails, since it's temperature sensitive. It has an extremely low opacity, hence the white background. For this particular mani,Winnie added a variety of glitters for a bit of an extra *zing*. For those of you who are interested in trying this at home, make sure you follow the proper gel application instruction! (prep, application, and removal) Email me if you need help on how to apply this!

Cure Time:
2 minutes under UV light
(Flash Cure: 15-20 seconds)

LED friendly?

throw on a gel top coat after this

Filed off due to thickness

You can use this for DIY also, now that I think about it....

Oh yea...she also made a super short video to show you how this baby works in action.

Do you think it is amazing ?! 
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Do you like this UV gel ? 

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    1. haha...we have many kinds there . Hope you can find one you like . Don't forget to use the coupon code to get discount .

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    1. Yes . This UVgel can change colors when the temperature changed.


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