Christmas Nails-Gifts As Beautiful As They Are Useful 🙉

Hello dear. Happy holiday! Christmas is just around the corner, do you have any great ideas for your Christmas nails? Welcome to share your Christmas nail ideas with us. :) And follow me to enjoy a collection of nail art designs from bloggers, thanks for your generous sharing.

Look at the three snowflake nail stamping, all designed with Xmas stamping plate BP-L032 (item code 23268), which one is your favorite? The first dreamy one, the second elegant one or the third glitter one? Maybe you could try one of them and match it with your different style clothes.

Simple hollow snowflake sticker, easy to use it. It is a great choice to apply it with nail polish or gel polish, select one pattern and peel off it, then it is done! So easy, right? Nice gift for your friends who are nail art beginners.

Two lovely deer stamping nails and cute snowman Christmas nails, wanna try it for your Christmas holiday? Just search 41081 from bornprettystore to get more surprises. 

Another cute deer stamping nails, BORN PRETTY one of the hottest Christmas plate, snowflake, snowman, Christmas socks, Christmas hats, Christmas tree and so many other patterns, all shared here. Which pattern do you want to try best? Item code: 36245.😊

Mainly for snowflake and Christmas tree manicures, adorable plate patterns, essential beauty for the holiday, nice choice to paint your nails with green and red stamping polish. Just try to create your own unique Christmas nails soon.💗

Are you excited for the coming holiday? You could choose to be more beautiful with those lovely Christmas nails. And they are all beautiful gifts as they are useful for your girl friends, beauty products always great choice, get it for her~

Happy holiday and see you next time! 💝


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