Born Pretty Gorgeous Five New Stamp Templates for Nail Art

Hi, dear. Happy Thursday! Hope everything is going well with you guys. Now, it is time to share you our Born Pretty new products. If you are our website sincere fans, you should know that we have so many beautiful and amazing new stamp templates for you. Next, I am going to share you some of them. Hope you will like them.

Cool square nail art stamping template, do you like this French nail design style? You can see the effect picture from the above nails. If you have fallen in love with this template image, you can search 40237 from to get more details.

Look at this one, different leaf images has been displayed in this template. Which kind of leaf do you want to try? The image is suitable for each occasion and you can also add different nail polish colors to it to design your nails. Click here to add it into your cart now.

Do you love icecream? If yes, this summer icecream stamp template is a big surprise for you. You can see that many lovely icecream images have been shown in this template. The effect will be better if you add the pink or other lovely and warm color. Buy it asap~

Geometry square stamp template with flower images on it, how do you think of this special design? You can try your own nail design with it and I would be appreciated if you are willing to share us the tutorial post.

Wow, all flowers! Nice stamp template has been designed by our Born Pretty designer. Thank you so much for them. If you are a totally flower lovers, you should not miss this amazing art stamp. Search item code 40240 from our website, you will get more surprises.

Now, it is done. It is really pity that I just can share some of them for you. If you want to see more, please visit here to see more stamp templates. Trust me, you will find one you love.

If you have any design idea about the stamp template, please share it with us. Thank you in advance. See you next time. 


  1. Nice stamping plates :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. We have many new plates recently, you can see more from :)


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