BornPretty Store 10 New Stamping Plates, Sharing with you!!

Hello dears! How are you these days? 
BornPretty Store now have some new stamping plates for you!! Are you interested in them? If you are interested in them, just keep reading ^^

We have 10 new stamping plates all together, I picked out five of them to share with you.
Every single one is so lovely, it's very hard to decide the 5 ones.

A gorgeous flower theme,so real and delicate,I guess lots of people will love it.

A cute music theme stamping plates with lovely and unique designs, there is a even a Beethoven image. 

Where are the water-marble lovers? It is too hot! I Love this one!

4 BORN PRETTY Stamping Plate Comic Retro Girls Nail Art Image Plate BPL-62

Retro is a kind of fashion. Do you want to try??

Wow so many cute animal images, monkeys,cats and dogs...My favorite one is that bad dog lol. Are you a animal-lover?

Click HERE to find more new stamping plates. 
They are waiting for you to take them home~

What is your opinion for our new stamping plates? Do you have any good suggestions for us?
Comments are welcomed!!

And Don't forget to use code GPL91 to get 10% off discount! 

See you!


  1. They are so pretty! Your plates are getting better and better! My favorites are the animals, pop art, flowers and the England plate!

  2. I'm in love with this flower plate <3 it's so lovely!

  3. Some awesome new stamping plates.

  4. hermosas, mi favorita la de water marble y nota musicales y flores

  5. I love each of these stamping plates!

  6. I adore this one! BORN PRETTY Stamping Plate Water Marble Nail Art Image Plate BPL-61

  7. You did an amazing job with your new stamping plates! I love them all but my personal favorites are: BP-L063 and the one with Rock & Roll Band patterns <3 Btw what happend with Rock & Roll Band plate? I can't find it anymore on your store :(

  8. BPL 67 is beautiful!

  9. Love the comic retro theme and the florals.
    Using stamping plates is my favorite way to make my nails unique.

  10. nice bog. follow you
    pls follow me:)

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