BornPretty NEW ARRIVALS, Nail Care Oil and other stunning stuff...

Hi dears, I feel nice to see you guys again when I start to write this blog post.Maybe this is a special way to make friends with you guys.
Today my article is about some new arrivals on our website. So let's begin!

1 BornPretty Nail Care Anti-Cuticle Oil
This is our new product, I tried it and I really love it!! 
It makes the area around my nails feel so soft and smooth...
And there are 5 flavors avalable: coconut/lavender/pineapple/peach/almond.
I like the coconut one personally.
It is $2.99 and hot sale!
If you want to have a try please CLICK HERE :)

2 BornPretty Stamping Plates Holder
Do you love the simple design? I do very much.
It is practical and chic.
It almost looks like a purse, you could even use it as a handbag as long as you do not mind the logo,lol.

CLICK HERE to buy for only $6.99(price only for one week)

3 Rose Gold Jelly Nail Art Stamper

The color is really beautiful.It's a must-have for every nail stamping lover. 
Do you agree with me?

CLICK HERE to buy it for only $2.99!

4 BornPretty Rose Pink Series Soak-off UV GEL

Spring is calling for some rose and pink shade, this new series UV GEL have 8 color selections for you, every single one is so beautiful, I personally love the 4th one best, it's a kind of nude pink.

The price is also amazing! ONLY $2.29 for 5 ml.
Click HERE to buy!
And HERE for 10 ml ($3.99)

Then we have some new sparkly nail art powder and sequins for you!

Colored Mirror Powder CLICK HERE $0.99 (price for only one week)

Neon Nail Powder CLICK HERE $0.99 (price for only one week)

Twinkle Stars Nail Sequins CLICK HERE $0.99 (price for only one week)

Ultra-thin Irregular Seashell Paillette Sequins CLICK HERE $0.99 (price for only one week) 

And you could also CLICK HERE for more NEW ARRIVALS.

That's all for today's blog post, do you love them? Do you have something you want to buy in your mind?
What kind of other nail products would you love to see on our website?
Comments are ALL welcomed!
Thanks for reading, see you next time!


  1. I love to check your "new arrivals" page :) It'a always full of amazing things ;) Oils are very practical :)

    1. Thank you so much for your supporting!!Love love ^^

  2. woww inspiring.
    I really love bornpretty product.
    very economical in price and quality is always amazing.
    Love from

  3. Tengo que probar ese aceite para cutículas!!!



  5. There are some awesome products here!


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