BornPretty New Products! Unicorn Stamping Plate and more nail art powders....♪♥

Hi lovelies
It's another week and we have some new products for you, I hope you can enjoy them!

So let's get started directly!

I want to begin with today's new arrival product—those gorgeous snowflake Gel, we are sorry for not bringing you before but I believe they still work if you buy now 😋

The price is also good,$2.99/box,there are 6 colors all together,if you buy the set,you could get 6 boxes for only $13.99.
If you want to try, click HERE to check them.

Then there are some colored holographic glitter powder, holo powder or colored holo powder both have nothing special, but I think these holo powder that we bring you this time have really adorable colors!

Are they beautiful? We have 9 colors altogether, and the above 3 colors are my favorite colors.
only $1.29/box! 
Click HERE to find your favorite colors 💋

And this one of the best-seller in new arrivals,the chameleon starry nail sequins,they really looks stunning and they looks totally different with common top coat and matte top coat.
Click HERE to find them!

And we also have new stamping plates! I just love how creative and lovely they are.
Magic theme, "Happy Easter"theme, unicorn theme and origami theme.The unicorn theme one is hot hot now, do you want to get yours?

They are HERE

Would you love to tell me which product is your favorite and what kind of product would you love to see on our website?
Please leave comments below! love you xo~

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See you guys next time!^^


  1. I love your new plates! Maybe some Valentine's plates would be a good idea? And a plate with negative space patterns would be a hit !

  2. The holographic glitter powder is so beautiful :)

  3. Oh my gosh, the origami plate is a must-have!

  4. Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish the nails.





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