Huge Amazing Jewelry Show for August

Hello sweeties,
Hope all of you are doing well these days!
There are so many beautiful pictures of our jewelry came out, and I just can't wait to share them with you.
If you are interested in jewelry, accessories or fashion outfit ideas, just keep reading to see the detailed review^^

1 Simple Style Flamingo Pendant Necklace

Flamingo seems to be very popular these days, this flamingo necklace is the blogger's favorite of the following three.
Would you like to try? : )

2 Double-layer Hollow-out Heart Shape Necklace

Heart shape necklace is a kind of classical design in jewelry, but this one has a unique design, it's perfect for dresses. Silver and gold available. 
Can it win your heart?

3 Multi-layer Heart Leaf Pendant Necklace

It's long enough to be a winter sweater chain and you can also wear it in summer with all your T-shirts.
It's a multi-functional jewelry.

Full post of this blog HERE

Vintage Chain Ring (Left) and Natural Crystal Ring (Right)

Both rings have simple chic design, it's prefect for all skin tones, no matter you are fair skin or tan skin, they will both look good on you!

5 Natural Pink Strawberry Pendant Handmade Necklace
(the one below)

As you can see, the reason why the necklace is called "Pink Strawberry" is that this kind of natural stone has pink glitter in it like strawberry.
Very cute and it's said to bring luck in love! ♥♥♥

Really Beautiful.

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Boho Round Hollow Beaded Earrings (4 Colors Available)

It seems like that everyone like Boho style!
It looks very large but it's not heavy at all, you can wear it for all day without feeling uncomfortable.
Wearing it with your traditional long dress or maxi dress!

Characteristic Sphere Luminous Necklace

It' one gorgeous necklace made of alloy carved into sphere and have luminous light green stone when put in dark. It can be worn everyday.

I like the colorful rhinestones on it, the moment when I see it, it changes my mood better.
The rhinestones on it are well attached!

9 Flowers and Heart Shape Pendant Anklet

Beautiful, light weight and good quality, all of these characteristic made this anklet become the one the blogger love the most, highly recommended.

Full post of this blog HERE

That's all for today's blog. Do you like them? If so, feel free to leave a comment here for the one you love.

Jewelry and accessories are girls and women' best friend. If you are attracted by any one of them, you can click their name and place a order directly. 

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We have a lot of new arrivals every week, they make you never out of style. 

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  1. Double-layer Hollow-out Heart Shape Necklace is the best !

  2. The Flowers and Heart Shape Pendant is beautiful !

  3. Why does the point system doesn't work any more? I finally have some points and I really want to spend them.

    1. Hi, the point system is updating now, you can contact our CS( to change points as voucher to use them too. Hope you can understand. : )

  4. everything is beautiful, charming me :)


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