The Temptation of Fingertips 

Hello July......

Summer is coming, you must have worn your beautiful dress. That's so exciting, right?
But if adding amazing nail art design, your summar will be more perfect.
OK, the newest stamping plates and water decals will be your first choice to beauty your nails.

Today I will show you some beautiful nail art designs, hope it can make you more attractive and your summer more wondeful. Just see the following details. Hoping you will like them.

If you especially like any ones, you can click the below links to see the detailed reviews and the products that had been used for the manicures .

 Full post here , use the product :  Stamping Plate BP-67

 Full post here , use the product :  Stamping Plate BP-55

 Full post here , use the product :  Stamping Plate BP-15

 Full post here , use the product :  Stamping Plate BP-16

That's all for today. Do you like them? If so, just feel free to leave a comment here.
Hoping you have a cool summer!


  1. This stunning nail designs blow my mind! The blogs like yours and websites like inspire me to regularly get mani/pedi done:)


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