Mirror Powders & Mermaid Gradient Powders & New XL Plates Release

Hello everyone,

Last week, we heard that you like our new BP-X stamping plates, we are so happy, it means a lot to us. Thanks for all your suggestions for our products. This time, I want to share some new special products with you^^

Have you heard or used mirror powders?  It's really an amazing product. I believe it will become an essential for all nail art lovers. It can also create mirror effect on nails like mirror nail polish

It's also easy to use. Firstly, prepare your nails with UV Top Coat (other top coat cannot get mirror effect). Then, use eyeshadow stick to pick the powder and apply it onto your nails, and repeat the step until you will satisfied with the effect. Finally, seal it with UV Top Coat. It will have a stunning effect on your nail. Different base coat will get a different mirror effect :)

The following is mermaid gradient nail glitter powders. I like this shining design so much. How about you? It has five colors in total. Different colors with different base coat can create different effect.

It's also easy to use. Firstly, clean the surface of your nails and apply base coat (white & black recommended). Then, apply another layer of the base coat, wait it dry (not totally dry), and place the powders onto your nails. Finally, seal it with top coat.

Besides, we also have some new BORNPRETTY rectangle plates online. Last time, some followers said they want to get watermarble themed pattern plates. Now, you can find one in the following. This time, we have 10 different patterns in total. Which one is your favorite? Let's see the details.


 If you like them, you can also order from here.

Thanks for all follower's support for our store. If you have any other suggestions for us, also welcome to leave a comment here or contact us through email^^

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  1. Por favor fabriquen pronto un mat para trabajar sobre él, deseo tanto que lo saquen a la venta, muchas marcas lo tienen y las BornPrettyAdictas lo necesitamos :)

  2. L006 and L009 are my favorite !

  3. Love All!! L005-L010are my favorite!!

  4. Omg! I ♥ mermaid powder. Also all the stamping plates are awesome. I like the most: L007.

  5. cool polish


  6. Pero que bonito todo, y las placas son una preciosidad!!
    el blog de Sunika

  7. Ohh I loved it all! Especially the plates ♥

  8. The new plates look amazing! My fav are L005 and L011. And the mirror powders look like some kind of sorcery! :D I didn't think that powder could look like that! Congrats BPS! <3

  9. New plates are awesome! I love L005 but L006, L008 and L010 also stole my heart :)

  10. Ohhhh más placas!!!! Me encantaron todas!!!! Y con diseños de water marble!!! Qué bien!!! Las que más me gustaron: L005, L008 y L011. Pero están hermosas todas!

  11. This stamping looks cool. I just made something like this with the help of http://nailartstyle.com . It helped to make a coloful nail design and there are a lot of tutorials. Have you done something before?


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