New XL Capped Clear Jelly Stampers Are Online!!!

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See you again, how are you recently? Hope everything goes well for you^^

Good news for all nail stamping lovers, 4cm XL clear jelly stampers are online now. The stamper head is 4cm in diameter, there are two patterns of the handle, which one is your favorite? 

Recently, the clear jelly stampers are so popular among stamping nail art lovers, because you can see the position of the images on your nails and there will be no more mistake about the position. It's useful. Now, the 4cm XL stampers are online, different sizes can meet different customers requirements :)

Let's see them in details:

Pattern 1#

Pattern 2#

Are you a stamping nail art lovers? If you like them, just click here to get them. From here, you can find all kinds of nail art stampers.

If you have seen some other special stampers that are not exist in our store, or you have other suggestions for us. Welcome to leave comments below and contact us.

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  1. Necesito uno así!!! Un besito
    el blog de Sunika

  2. They look really useful, I prefer the second shape, maybe because it seems to me that it's easier to hold! :-)

  3. Very helpful. Love the first one :)

  4. They look great! Now I can't imagine stamping without clear stamper :)

  5. Useful product. I prefer the second one because of it shape!

  6. Los dos son preciosos, ya me he ordenado uno.

  7. Genial , feliz por que gane 1 en instagram, ya quiero que llegue❤

  8. Genial , feliz por que gane 1 en instagram, ya quiero que llegue❤








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