Shop, Share & Win BP Stamp Plate

Share your order about BornPretty Stamp Plates (from Sep.2014 ~ now) to any social websites, you will surely gift  1pc BP newest stamp plates as a reward.

Duration: 5th Jan, 2016 ~ / 

How it works:

1. Post the BP stamp plate you ordered to other social websites, you will surely get a coupon code to purchase 1pc BP stamp plate from the newest 10 ones as an award. 
2. ONLY BP stamp plate will be awarded.

How to enter:

1. Post the BP plate you ordered on any social websites.
2.Then click the button at the end of this page to submit the link of your 

share post, your email address, your order number and the plate ID you want.
3. You can choose one plate from the newest 10 ones in the link below:
4. Coupon will be sent to your registered email box 

within 3 business days once weapproved your share 
5. If you deleted the post link, no prize will be reward.
6. If you buy any ORIGINAL BP plates on other webs & share it on any social websites, you will also get 1pc BP stamp plate.

7. If you write customer reviews on Amazon for BP plates, you'll win 1pc Rectangular plate as an award.

If you want to choose other BP stamp plates, please contact us 

1. ONLY 1pc BP stamp plate will be reward for each order.
2. Cheating will be disqualified.


  1. I had a small doubt, I had purchased a Stamping Plate in November 2015 does that count in for Shop, Share & Win BP Stamp Plate??

  2. i did it, and submit the link, but i choose BP-L002
    is it possible or not ? i will write you on Gmail

  3. Gracias bps,ya esperandola ❤💋💅

  4. Gracias bps,ya esperandola ❤💋💅

  5. I tried to submit the link but my email was to long so it wouldn't let me enter all of it. what do i need to do?


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