New Fancy Qgirl Stamping Plates Are Online!

Hello Beauties,

Hope you're doing well.
As you know, stamping plates are very popular in our store now.Of course there will be always new arrivals online.If you like stamping, maybe you will glad to know the news.

Yeah,17Pcs new fancy Qgirl stamping plates are online now.The theme of this new stock is flower pattern.Also there are some cute animals pattern.

Then let's see them in details.

Stamping Plate Qgirl-041

Stamping Plate Qgirl-042

Stamping Plate Qgirl-043

Stamping Plate Qgirl-044

Stamping Plate Qgirl-045

Stamping Plate Qgirl-046

Stamping Plate Qgirl-047

Stamping Plate Qgirl-048

Stamping Plate Qgirl-049

Stamping Plate Qgirl-050

Stamping Plate Qgirl-054

Stamping Plate Qgirl-055

Stamping Plate Qgirl-056

Stamping Plate Qgirl-057

Stamping Plate Qgirl-058

Stamping Plate Qgirl-059

Stamping Plate Qgirl-060

Are they pretty? Do you like them? Which one do you like best? My favourite one is Qgirl-057, it's really beautiful and gorgeous!

If you also like them,just click here to get them. 

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  1. My fav 045 & 048! ♥
    Very beautiful plates! ^^

  2. Some really great plates from Qgirl.

  3. 041, 056-058 the best for me <3

  4. I very like all but my favor is no 043

  5. I live 058 the best, thanks for sharing!

  6. They are nice, but my absolute favorite one is Qgirl-057!

  7. Amazing i love Qgirl-045 and 060 <3 <3

  8. Hermosas todas me encantan la Qgirls 041 060


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