BornPretty Lip Makeup Show (1)

Hi Sweeties,

See you again :D
Today's theme is : Lip makeup show.
Such Amazing effect, if you like it. Please don't hesitate to comment on and pay more attention to us:D  IG @bornprettymua

Now, let's enjoy them in details.^^

1.Post by Jessica item #15445

2.Post by Mariëlle  item #18373

3.Post by Lauren and Eleanor & Estelle& Diana   item #15733

4.Post by Rebecca  item #18924

5.Post by Cat and Qashang and Sheling and Evelina  item  #15629

6.Post by Amy and Angela& Krystal and Bebhinn    item  #18087

7.Post by Sara & Brigette and Peggy item  #13818

8.Post by Liz  item  #18916

9.Post by Simone  item #18373

10. Post by Beata  item  #18329

11.Post by Eloisa and Laila   item  #15640

12.Post by  Dorota    item  #18539

13.Post by Kirsten and Iris    item  #18032

14.Post by Iina   item  #15368

15.Post by Iina   item  #17166

16.Post by Evgeniya   item  #14028

17.Post by Evgeniya   item  #12049

18 Post by Diana  item  #18304

So much lip makeup reviews today, Hope you enjoy them~~
More lip makeup reviews will be shown constantly. Have a great weekend :D
And next time we will show much gorgeous review on our 38 colors Matte Velvet Lip Gloss.

If you are interested in reviewing lip item from our store, please email Details will be talked through message.(you must be the new member who has never cooperated us before)

PS: follow bornprettymua or #bornprettymua if you show your makeup posts with our items.

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  1. El número 10 es muy curioso!

  2. Amazing, preciosos todos los tonos!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Really, the pink color is so pretty. great you like it

  4. Me gustan todos pero los rojos son mis favoritos. Un besito
    El blog de Sunika

  5. El primer rojo yo lo tengo y es precioso

  6. Great swatches, photos and products. It's nice to see the lip colours on your customers

    1. we will show more on next article :D Enjoy

  7. Beautiful photos. My fav #12 ^^ ♥

    1. Great, it has adequate color,you can find one color which is your favorite

  8. El primero tono es precioso, ya lo tengo en mi wishlist!!

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