Newly Gorgeous Water Decals Full Stickers Are Online!

Hi Lovelies,
Here's good news:
Our newly Gorgeous Water Decals Full Stickers are online now!
Only $1.99 for each sheet before 4th November. Each sheet includes 14 mini pieces.

The patterns are special and very different from the previous water decals in our store. It can be the dazzling luxury lizard pattern, can be charming floral pattern, can be 3D mini rhinestone heart pattern, can be 3D starry sky water drops pattern, can be lovely watermelon bowknot plaid pattern, and it also can be tribal lizard pattern.

You can find the right ones to fit for your unique style.^^

Now,let's enjoy them one by one, hope you will like them.

Are they amazing? Do you also like them? If so, just hurry up to pick them up!

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  1. Love them! ♥
    The arabesque floral pattern and 3d starry sky are my fav. ☻

  2. Wowwww!! They are beautiful!!!
    El blog de Sunika

  3. beautiful patterns! I love galaxy


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